30 Day GW2 Challenge: Day 7, Your favorite piece of lore.

Glint/Glaust. I loved Glint in the first game and was extremely upset when I found out she had been killed off and even more so when her death was overshadowed by that of Snaffs. I don’t usually do the giant lore posts but I think Glint deserves one, let me tell you why…

Glint was a nearly 4000 year old dragon who’s existence predated even the human gods, it is unknown what form Glint possessed or what purpose she served before her corruption by the elder dragon Kralkattorik but it is known that she had always possessed immense powers including the ability to enter people’s minds, foresee the future and cast powerful illusions that she used in her later years to hide her home in the crystal desert from outsiders.

Glint served as a champion of Kralkattorik for many years before the Forgotten used a spell to free her from his corruption, after this she used her abilities to hide a number of Tyria’s elder races and in so doing saved them from extinction. She also began to secretly collect crystallized vials of her former master’s blood and a spear made from his spine to help those who would seek to defeat him after his inevitable return.

Between the years of her freedom from corruption and the reawakening of the elder dragons Glint also guided the heroes of the Guild Wars 1 story line in their quest to defeat the undead Lich and his minions, the arrival of whom she had foreseen almost 800 years previously (The ‘Flameseeker Prophecies’ being the book she recorded these visions in).

In 1320 A.E Glint was sought out by Destiny’s Edge who asked for her assistance in defeating her former master, Glint agreed to leave the relative safety of her hidden lair and her child in order to aid them, unfortunately the elder dragon proved too powerful and Glint along with Snaff was killed by Kralkattorik and his minions. It is unsure what became of her child.

So yeah, here was a creature who had survived through thousands of years of war and strife and yet was still willing to give up everything she held dear to help Destiny’s Edge. True hero imo

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